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Pohjonen Group Oy

Ylimensalmentie 16
43500 Karstula

Y-tunnus: 2552063-5
Puh: 0405842182

Sivuston otsikko: Pohjonen Group Ltd.
Sivuston avainsanat: Pohjonen Group, Pohjonen, Karstula, Finland, unmmanned, UAS, UAV, RPAS, robust, unmanned systems, aerial, professional, industrial automation, automation, secure, security, border, airport, aircraft, advanced, machine vision, robot, production line, logic, maintenance, life-cycle, service, consultation
Sivuston kuvaus: Pohjonen Group Ltd. is a technology company that specializes in the development of unmanned systems and solutions required for safe, flexible and successful UAS operations. The company also provides training, support and life cycle services. Pohjonen Group has expertise in industrial automation. We have experience in building new automated systems from the ground-up based on customers' needs. Our automation services also include system modernization and maintenance.

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